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Welcome to CANTEEN

On the high street it’s easy to find quality branded coffee shops, full of smiling faces, asking if you’d like a muffin to go with your skinny latte.

Step into a workplace or public access site and as we all know, the environment can be less impressive.

That’s why we created Canteen.

The Canteen concept began in late 2009 with a mission to keep staff satisfied throughout their working day by delivering high quality, nutritious, well balanced and expertly prepared food and drinks.

We understand what staff want so we challenge the way companies consider their current staff catering.

Canteen is a young, vibrant company. Embracing high street trends we design, stock and manage cool catering environments that keep your staff nourished and valued.


I’ll have the square pie (again) please.
A cautionary tale

You’re at the top of your profession now, but remember your first proper job? Turning up in your new business suit (or boiler suit) briefcase in hand, clutching hold of your sandwich box – the one with the elastic band around? Sitting at your desk that first lunchtime and eating those recently thawed cheese sandwiches and slightly bruised apple.

Then you discover the pie shop in town and try that for a day or two although it does take you all lunch time to get there and back and of the three kinds of pie on offer two aren’t really your cup of tea. And yes, cup of tea – must remember the flask tomorrow.

Hmmm on reflection work was OK but you felt a bit well, claustrophobic, a bit stuck …. The lunchtime options were kind of limited. You toyed with the idea of maybe looking for a job nearer a decent café …

Now you own the company Or, “Why I brought in Canteen and never looked back”.

As every schoolchild knows … ‘An army marches on its stomach’ this phrase attributed to Napoleon (and Frederick the Great apparently) is of course all about eating. And while you may not be a five star general you are the head of your company and that gives you quite a bit of corporate and social responsibility. (Yeah you knew that).

So, if you were working for you, would you be happier sitting at your desk eating a turned up cheese sandwich or sitting in a purpose built, supercool, on-site, high street-esque dining room eating freshly prepared delicious food and drinking a rather good cup of coffee?

Yep, and so would your staff.

Human Resources Or,
“Why I brought in Canteen and keep looking forward.

Our specialist skill isn’t HR but we’ve taken the time to understand the role of HR Managers and Directors basically by talking to them face to face.

We know that your role is often a difficult one; you must balance the needs of staff with the requirements of the business. You’re looking to recruit the best and keep the people you’ve taken the time, expertise and expense to get. It’s more than likely a given that happy staff don’t leave, contribute more and act as ambassadors for the company. And it’s also pretty likely to be true that higher wages don’t simply make for happier staff. So, where to go?

Canteen offers staff a real, actual benefit. Not only is Canteen a very pleasant place to eat lunch, meet for coffee or just hang out, it can often be thought of as a bit of an oasis, especially if your company sits in the middle of a large, featureless trading estate. Canteen is a room within the company but it’s not like being in the company. Staff get the opportunity to break away, eat good, nourishing well-prepared food, sit with a proper tea or coffee and return to work refreshed and revitalized.

It’s a bit of a stress buster, agony aunt, comforter and provider. Bit like HR then.



Canteen is a cool, clean, affordable and comfortable eatery for your valued staff, a social hub, a place where delicious nourishing food is eaten, new ideas explored, and good business happens …

its more than a company café, it’s a real company benefit.

We’ll provide the ideal solution for your business…