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Valued staff expect their food and beverage environment to rival high street enterprises and with Canteen you can give them exactly that.


Canteen was conceived in late 2009 with a mission to change the way companies care for their staff. Through our new, innovative, lead-changing attitude we have created a cool on-trend environment where we deliver high quality, nutritious and well-balanced food and beverages; to meet staff needs throughout their day.

We provide food service solutions that cater for any format and size of location. Every style of service can be catered for – we install cafés, vending machines, renovate cafeterias and manage existing sites.

Canteen is everywhere – A one stop shop providing fantastic, freshly prepared food, within budget – giving you complete peace of mind that your food service is being looked after by the best. And ensuring your staff are cared for, thought about and appreciated.

You’ll find Canteen in offices, factories, call centres, sports and cultural venues.

Canteen is a full service option: We provide, install and manage all equipment including vending services. We fully manage with our own employed staff including till operators, cooks and waiting on staff. Our engineers maintain and support every site.

It’s a rare mix of skills that gives Canteen full control over service levels.

We currently have 16 Canteen venues across work and public access sites. We possess the expertise and knowledge to solve any food and beverage requirement.

Allowing Canteen to take control of your food and drink means better engagement with staff and customers. We focus on improving spend per head on sites – the key to commercial measurement of improved customer satisfaction.

We take pride in what we do – our great people, our great service, and our great results. We’re proud of our ethical, environmental and healthy choice commitments. And of course, we wrap everything up in our quality branded packaging